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Causes of Tinnitus - Explanation Videos
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Cochlear Damage



This web site is dedicated to providing you with the help, support and advice you need to be able to easily control tinnitus so that you can quickly get some relief from those awful ringing noises, and then get on with the rest of your life.

  • Although almost 90% of people with tinnitus experience cochlear damage related tinnitus, stress and traumatic life events as well as sinus also cause tinnitus.

  • Watch the three videos above, staringf with thecochlear damage video and it is almost certain that you will be able to pinpoint the cause of your tinnitus.

  • You will also see the best treatment options available to treat your particular tinnitus type by watching the videos above.

  • We also provide tinnitus support and help via our toll free line. When you call the number listed above you will get to speak to a real person who will not try to pressurize you into buying anything! Our tinnitus support line is exactly that, it provides support and advice to people who have tinnitus.

T-Gone Tinnitus Remedies has been trusted online since 1999 and have to date helped countless thousands of people with tinnitus find relief.

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What others are saying about T-Gone

tinnitus treatmentI spent lots of hours researching all I could find about ear-ringing, the causes, types, symptoms, stressors, etc. I had tried many homepathic remedies before discovering T-Gone Remedies earlier this year. My tinnitus was quite severe, I also experienced vertigo episodes and high anxiety occasionally.

I felt desperate for something to work.

Had ear candling and acupuncture, neither did a thing.

I've been using T-Gone remedies for about 4 months now and can say without hesitation that on most days, my ear-ringing/buzzing/humming has diminished by 95%.

Sometimes, I just stand in the middle of my kitchen and listen to the stillness, it's mind-boggling.

I have had tinnitus for more than 30 years, although in the past 6-12 mo's., it has become more acute.

Thank you, John for creating something that actually works.
I hear your concern, John, about the people who are getting duped by an ineffective product and I celebrate your need for integrity and making a contribution to the well-being of others.

Pie Dumas
Life Coach
Scottsville, VA

Hello John,

I have been a sufferer of Noise ringing caused by working in a steel fabrication shop banging on steel with a sledge hammer ( extremely not good for the ears, w/no ear protection, 35 years ago).

Lately, last two years, the ringing has intensified and I believe my lifestyle has diminished due to the uncomfortable and nerve racking annoyance in my ears. It has become increasingly harder to focus at work and social outings are a disaster and very annoying for those arround me, cause I keep asking "What did he/she say?".

I've been on T-Gone for about two months now and have been listening to three (3) CD's to better my focus and STRESS relief caused from the RINGING. All in all, I DO have relief from the ringing.

My tinnitus has become bearable.

I can actually say I hear conversations better. Some days for a short period, one hour maybe two or three hours I actually don't hear any ringing - SILENCE IS GOLDEN .

But alas, the ringing returns. I can honestly say, though, I am comfortable with my surroundings and myself, the ringing can now be put in the background and I move forward and enjoy my life.

Did T-Gone really help?

Out of the many things I tried, T-Gone and the CD's are the only things I done differently that has given me positive improvement in my condition. I have had this ear damage for 35 years now and until I find something better T-Gone is in my shopping basket.

Best of luck
Arthur Exley

Dear Ellen,

It was very nice hearing from you. You said, "Tinnitus is a horrific ailment and can really affect one's quality of life!" This is me! Tgone and you all have been my SALVATION.

If I hadn't found tgone , I would be in SEVERE pain and disability right now. It was becoming even more painful every year. Tgone in less then 3 months got rid of much of my tinnitus.

When I stopped taking t-gone over two years ago - none of the sensations I felt returned.

I just wish I could fly over there and give every one of you a big hug because my quality of life was going down the drain.

I have a life again and I will say it to everyone again and again.

Rob Muller
Chesterfield, NJ

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How do you know you've been to a great concert? Some would say that depends on how long it takes your ears to stop ringing and how long before you can speak at a normal level.

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Constant Ringing In the Ears - Finding Relief

Do you have a constant ringing in the ears that's interfering with your normal way of life? Have you tried everything you can think of to get rid of this annoying and in some cases, debilitating condition? When you feel as though you've tried everything and doctors can't help, don't give up. Try natural remedies to help eliminate the cause of the tinnitus and you should begin to feel relief.

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Define Tinnitus

For some who have tinnitus they and their family tend to refer to it as the noises that only Daddy hears or something along those lines. People may think that you've gone off the deep end when you try to describe what you hear or when you ask if anyone heard that noise.
Do you experience a ringing, buzzing or whooshing noise in your ear that no one else hears?

The first step is to determine...
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Inner Ear Problems

There are a variety of conditions that can cause inner ear conditions and any one of them can do damage to your hearing if not treated. Below are six of the most serious inner ear problems patients face today.

Inner ear problems can lead to a condition known as tinnitus in which you hear phantom noises.

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Tinnitus Causes

Tinnitus is not a disease or illness. It’s the symptom of another underlying condition that causes patients to hear ringing sounds others can’t hear.

This condition can be temporary or permanent depending on the cause and length of exposure.

It can also be mild or severe.

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Tinnitus Symptoms

Tinnitus symptoms can vary considerably from person to person so two people with the same type of tinnitus may experience different symptoms.

These symptoms can be very difficult to live with because they can disrupt your normal way of life and make it difficult to function normally.

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What Causes Ringing In The Ears

Most everyone has heard a ringing, hissing or buzzing sound in their ears at least once during their life.

This is often due to exposure to loud noises but it usually goes away after a few minutes. When you hear these sounds in your ears and they don’t go away, it’s called tinnitus. 

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Tinnitus Support

There are many benefits of joining a tinnitus support group. Sometimes tinnitus has a way of alienating you from family and friends.

This can be very hard to deal, with causing depression and even a feeling of desperation. It’s easy to feel like you are alone and that no one understands.

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Constant Ringing In The Ears

Have you tried everything you can think of to get rid of this annoying and in some cases, debilitating condition?

When you feel as though you’ve tried everything and doctors can’t help, don’t give up. Try natural remedies to help eliminate the cause of the tinnitus and you should begin to feel relief.

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Ringing In Ears Treatment

Sometimes, it’s not easy finding the cause and some people never know why they have this condition.

It can be harder to treat the ringing in your ears when you don’t have any idea what has caused it because the best way to get rid of the ringing, is to eliminate the cause.

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Ringing In Left Ear

Did you know that you could reduce the ringing in left ear with just a few simple changes?

Here are six tips that can help you reduce the ringing in left ear and find relief from this painful and annoying problem.



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Tinnitus Miracle Review

The Tinnitus Miracle System was devised by a tinnitus sufferer named Thomas Coleman.

After searching for ways to help with his condition, he put together this program for others suffering with tinnitus who are having problems finding relief.

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A Clear Tinnitus Review

This is a product that claims to bring relief for ringing in the ears, but does it work?

Tinnitus affects millions of people all over the globe and for many people it’s a nightmare. The manufactures of Clear Tinnitus claim that this product is all natural so it’s safe to use.

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It is believed that approximately 66 million Americans suffer from constant tinnitus while over half of Americans have intermittent tinnitus. Then you have another six percent of the population that suffers from severe tinnitus and approximately seven million Americans cannot live a normal life due to this condition being so severe.

Tinnitus is a lot more common than ever believed in the past. Remember you are not alone and we are here to help you call us now on 800 314 2910 for support or advice.

Ellen who is herself a former tinnitus sufferer, offers free toll free support on 800 314 2910.

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