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Tinnitus and a swollen feeling in my ears

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On October 23, 2006 Under Tinnitus Questions


At this point, in your opinion, is the fact that my ears still feel “swollen” 3 1/2 weeks after the concert a good or bad sign in terms of the potential for healing or improvement?

  • In my experience the swollen feeling would normally not last longer than a couple of days so in my opinion it is probably not a good sign.
  • Is this a normal symptom, or could there also be an infection causing or contributing to the swollen feeling? (I know the latter is remote).

  • You would not normally feel pressure of swelling if there was an infection so I doubt that is the problem.
  • The ENT I spoke with suggested that there was really nothing that could be done at this point (such as ear drops), other than avoiding loud noise. He did say that I could try taking some B-complex vitamins and avoid caffeine (the latter, he said, could worsen the [tag-tec]tinnitus[/tag-tec]), but then he added that in his opinion, I would be “wasting my money” if I invested in any homeopathic remedies.

    I agree with the first part of his suggestion that ear drops will not help and that you should avoid loud noise if at all possible. With regard to the second part of his suggestion I would obviously disagree with him.

    Most ENT doctors have no knowledge of homeopthy and will not recommend it, this does NOT mean that homeopathy will not help you.

    Is there any actual healing that can happen in the two to three months after exposure to the loud noise? Do I have to be particularly careful to avoid [tag-ice]loud noise[/tag-ice] now? At first I was angry at myself (for not wearing earplugs at the concert), though I am become more resigned and perhaps accustomed to the reality that my hearing isn’t what it used to be.

    In addition to the steady,high pitched noise, I also have the sensation that my ears are clogged, similar to the sensation we all have when we just land in an airplane, as if I need to swallow to clear it up.

  • It is indeed probable that you have lost hearing in the higher frequencies and that hearing loss is permanent. This is why you are experiencing . The sooner you try to heal the damaged nerve endings, the greater the chance you have of reducing the levels of tinnitus.
  • You indeed need to very careful now with regard to your hearing and take care to avoid situations where you could possible be exposed to loud noises.
  • Is this normal? I am afraid I may have permanently damaged or lost at least 20 percent of my hearing. Spencer

    I hope this helps Spencer and if you do decide on ordering the T-Gone remedies you need to order the Cochlear Damage Tinnitus Remedy.

    John Currie

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