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Can Tinnitus Be Triggered By The Weather?

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On March 7, 2008 Under Tinnitus Questions, Tinnitus Relief

Hello John ,

I am finding your comment about tinnitus most interesting. I am one who used to get very severe migraine headaches. The headaches have pretty while stopped and seem to have been replaced by tinnitus. I am also deaf in my left ear since a very young age, possible born that way.

I also have a problem with hyperacusis and testing shows more of a reaction in the deaf ear.

A door slamming etc. can trigger tinnitus at times. This has caused my many problems in work situations where I tend to react to noises that have no effect on others. I have been told many times that I am just trying to cause trouble when at times I have been made dizzy by such noises. This got to a point that I had to refuse to give certain people rides because of car doors being slammed.

This brings me to my question. It seems to be that my tinnitus is greatly influenced by the weather and in fact I can detect a coming storm by it. Is it common for tinnitus to be triggered by an approaching area of low pressure? If so what remedy would you suggest?

Thank you for any advice that you can give.

Hello Bruce,

When you are suffering from a hyper sensitivity to noise as you are it is caused by cochlear damage. This also causes hearing loss and tinnitus. But you will already probably know that.

Many people suffering from hyperacusis tend to avoid social gatherings as loud or sudden noises can actually cause physical pain and yes, the people look a you as if you are crazy. I remember my Dad who served in the 2nd World War had it badly and would often walk around at family gatherings with toilet tissue hanging out of his ears. :)

I used to joke about it and we all thought he was just being a part pooper or seeking attention. My poor Dad, and he used to take in in good cheer as well.

Anyway, the remedy you need to be taking is the Extra Strength Cochlea Damage Remedy – that will help with he tinnitus as well as the hyperacusis. Given the length of time you have suffered you are going to need to take the remedy for at least 90 days, possibly even longer.

You can order the remedy by visiting this link here


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Arturo Hatfield

January 9, 2009

good luck

Sandy Barr

January 10, 2009

good luck