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Constant Humming In My Left Ear

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On November 2, 2008 Under Ringing In Ears, T-Gone Tinnitus, Tinnitus Relief

“I am suffering from constant humming in my left ear.” This is one of the many cries you may possibly hear from a tinnitus sufferer. This constant humming can drive you crazy especially when the ringing gets too loud and unbearable. Tinnitus can be a temporary or permanent disability if it is not treated. There are four main causes of tinnitus: Repeated exposure to loud noise, stress or trauma, sinus or allergy, and Meniere’s disease.

The constant humming in the ear can also be caused by impacted earwax. As part of our hygiene, we take the earwax out of the ear which out of our knowing, it plays a very important role in the protecting the ear from getting infection. It also protects the ear from dust and foreign particles and water penetrating into the ear.  Cleaning the ear using cotton swabs can damage can damage the eardrum or causes the wax to get impacted towards the eardrum. The impacted earwax can block the ear canal and cause hearing loss and tinnitus. It may also result to possible cochlear damage if the cotton swab is pushed deeper to the inner ear. You may find difficulty in hearing even your own voice as the ringing may be louder than the external sound you can hear.

Other causes of constant humming are excessive consumption of antibiotics or aspirin or high blood pressure which damage the eardrum. There are hundreds of prescription and over the counter drugs that causes or worsen tinnitus. Clonidine and Lisinopronil are some of these drugs. If the cause of tinnitus is drug-related, it is advised to stop taking the medication.

To cure the constant ringing in ear, it is wise to know and put emphasis on the symptoms and causes because its treatment is generally dependent on its cause. When you have found out the reason why you are suffering from tinnitus, it would be simple for you to look for tinnitus treatments & remedies that will work for you.

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