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  • tinnitus from noise damage
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A Basic Understanding of Tinnitus

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The human body is such a highly complex structure that it is composed of many different organs that perform their respective functions. These functions are very vital to the basic survival and continuity of life. One of the most important organs that the human body posses is the ear. It is primarily responsible for the detection of sound and is a crucial tool for communication.

Without it, we will never appreciate sound and we will have a hard time expressing our feelings and opinions to others. But as we grow older, our ears also become more prone to various diseases and abnormalities that hinder as from processing sound as it normally should be. The most common of these abnormalities is Tinnitus or more commonly known as “ringing in the ears”. If you have been constantly hearing weird sounds and wild buzzes that are surprisingly not present in your surroundings, chances are that you are suffering from this abnormality.

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Tinnitus Is A Symptom of Various Condition

Before we dwell on the root cause of this abnormal condition, it is important to know that Tinnitus is merely a symptom of something worst to come such as diseases and other ailments. These diseases may range from simple hearing problems to permanent hearing loss or severe ear damage. While it may not necessarily be attributed to death, it can still be a hindrance to your daily life and can leave your stressed out.

Dear Ellen,

I wanted to thank you for your kind words of advice and your incredible support during my darkest times! You always encouraged me to continue with the remedies even when I was starting to lose hope.

I am sooooh pleased I listened to you! Those infernal noises that were driving to to distraction have all but vanished!

Thank you again Ellen!

Fiona Thompson, WA





It is very alarming to know that more and more people have been suffering from this condition without ever knowing its true cause and without even realizing its long term devastating effects. Recent studies also show that as much as 80% of people who suffer from this condition went on to ignore it or have never consulted their physicians about it. Why do you need to suffer the symptoms when you can actually do something to make it go away?

When Body Sound Becomes Noise

Before we determine a number of ways to treat this condition, it is important to know first its causes. To begin with, body sounds are quite normal. If we go inside a sound proof room, we will immediately notice the different sounds that revolve around our body. The reason for this is that external or surrounding noises often overshadow our normal body sounds. When these body sounds become too loud or too distracting, that is the time when we can conclude that something wrong is happening within our body.


One of the main causes of the “ringing in the ears” syndrome is damage to the inner ear due to exposure to loud noises which may come from a handful of sources such as the radio, car horns and television. People who most of the time listen to music through in-ear headphones or gadgets that directly broadcast sound to the inner ear canal will have a higher chance of developing this abnormal condition. Permanent damage to the ears is very much inevitable.

TinnitusAnother common cause of this abnormality is stress. We, humans, are very much reliant to our immune system to fight off viruses and ailments that prove a threat to our existence. Whenever we are stressed, our immune system is also severely weakened making our body more vulnerable to these diseases. Stress also causes most of the vital inner glands of our body such as the hypothalamus to function abnormally and hinder it from excreting the necessary chemicals needed by our body. As a result, certain medical conditions arise which obviously includes abnormal ear noise.

Seeking Treatment

There is a long list of remedies for this medical condition. However, not all of them are applicable to every individual. Being a symptom in its very nature, curing this abnormality involves an intricate process of self-evaluation paired with approved natural methods. Medicinal drugs and nutrients can help alleviate the symptoms especially if one suffers from vitamin deficiencies or simply lacks nutrition. Medical institutions have also come up with different kinds of therapy that helps reduce stress and fatigue. In worst or severe cases, surgery may also be applied to repair ear damage and other damaged internal organs.

While Tinnitus isn’t usually as severe and life threatening as other kinds of diseases, it is still important to seek treatment as early as possible. It is good to know that treating this ailment has a higher chance of success when administered during its early stages. You also can’t just live all your life listening to these weird ringing inside your ears. Imagine yourself always lacking sleep due to the different noises that bother you while in bed. Start eliminating this ailment by seeking the help of a certified medical professional today. In doing so, you are assured of receiving only the appropriate and proven methods needed for the rehabilitation of your ears. Get back to a healthy life and seek treatment now.