Learn more about the 4 main causes of tinnitus

  • tinnitus from noise damage
  • tinnitus from trauma or stress
  • tinnitus from allergies or sinus
  • tinnitus from meniere's disease

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Do You Have Tinnitus? You NEED Earplugs!

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On January 10, 2013 Under Tinnitus

99% of people who have tinnitus will almost certainly have experienced the high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus as a result of exposures to noise OR some other life changing event such as a severe blow to the head, surgery, dental surgery or bad inner ear infections.

“If you are suffering from tinnitus or hearing loss, it’s absolutely time to get a pair of higher top quality earplugs to shield your ears from more damage. Even though you might not be enthusiastic about wearing protective plugs on a normal basis, it’s a lot far better than hearing disturbing sounds in your ear. Besides, these protective devices support avoid a quantity of hearing difficulties as nicely as may assist you sleep far better and operate a lot more effectively with no being annoyed by noisy neighbors, lawn mowers, site visitors, drilling sounds and loud music.”


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The reasons for investing in a decent set of ear plugs is compelling. Just look at any of today’s rock stars, why do you think they wear ear plugs? It is to avoid getting tinnitus of course. So do yourself a huge favor and get some, and USE them the next time you are going to a concert, a club or a noisy pub.