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Tinnitus From Loud Music – Cold Play Star Chris Martin Reveals His Tinnitus Misery

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On January 23, 2013 Under Tinnitus

How Loud Music Causes Tinnitus

More and more musicians and revealing how hearing loss and tinnitus is playing havoc with their careers. The scary part is that these people who have a love for music played at loud volumes where completely unaware of the fact that simply by listening to music at these loud volumes could be damaging their hearing, leading to major problems later in their lives, to say nothing about their musical careers!

This is no longer the case and wouldn’t it be a great idea if these super groups and superstar singers started making their fans aware of the dangers of loud music at their concerts?

They could simply encourage their fans to wear hearing plugs, maybe even give branded versions out at their concerts? Mention it when they are being interviewed on TV, that sort of thing.


Just imagine the power that a band like U2 could generate simply by telling their fans
to protect their hearing with ear plugs, and that the fans would enjoy the concert
just as much using hearing protection,
BUT that they would be protectingthemselves from hearing loss and tinnitus.


“How tinnitus nearly ruined my career:
Coldplay star Chris Martin reveals he has been suffering ear torment for years

  • Coldplay star Chris Martin has been suffering from tinnitus for a decade.
  • Doctors warned him it could end his music career
  • Always makes sure his children are protected from loud music
  • Problem caused by listening to loud music when he was younger

The musician, who blames the painful ear condition on listening to loud music as a teenager, is warning youngsters to avoid the same fate.

He said the ringing in his ears and headaches had stabilised since he started protecting his ears.
After doctors warned him the tinnitus could end his musical career, he began wearing earplugs at concerts and when he is performing.

  • He said: ‘Looking after your ears is unfortunately something you don’t think about until there’s a problem.

‘I’ve had tinnitus for about ten years, and since I started protecting my ears it hasn’t got any worse – touch wood.

Painful: Chris Martin, seen here with Coldplay on last night’s American Idol, says he suffers from headaches and ringing in the ears and is encouraging young people to wear earplugs.

Daily Mail

Expanding on my suggestion from the first paragraph, can you imagine how powerful a message from groups such as U2 or Coldplay would be? It could be a simple statement saying something like “Loud music causes hearing loss and tinnitus guys, but NOT if your are wearing ear plugs!”

  • Maybe they could even arrange for their fans to buy them at the entrances, or even give them away!
  • That way they could brand the earplugs which would be a cool way of promoting themselves AND educating their fans about the dangers of being exposed to very loud music.
  • Some bands are certainly make an effort to make people aware of how hearing loss and tinnitus can be caused from loud music as can be seen in the next paragraphs.

“Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas Contribute To Hearing Loss Compilation

The British Tinnitus Association, in partnership with Xfm’s Eddy Temple-Morris, have unveiled the list of artists set to contribute to a forthcoming tinnitus awareness compilation. Coldplay and Black Eyed Peas are amongst the list of artists, all of whom suffer from, or have a member that suffers from, the hearing condition.

The album will be called I Am The One In Ten, drawing its name from the current statistics of tinnitus suffers in the UK. Temple-Morris commented on the announcement stating, “I’m so happy that Chris Martin has given this his blessing. With Coldplay on board, at last we have a real chance to get through to government now…

This record could be a game changer.”

Music Feeds

Other artists that will be contributing to the album are Embrace and Enter Shakiri. This is very commendable and these guys deserve your support. They are proving that they are socially responsible.

A study just published yesterday by JAMA Internal Medicine they have found conclusively that hearing loss  may be linked to a mental decline.

The following comment was published to by The Harvard Medical School medical publications department:

“Hearing loss may be linked to mental decline

Trouble hearing

Loss of hearing represents more than just difficulty hearing sounds. It can lead to social isolation and depression. A new study suggests that hearing loss may also be linked to loss of memory and thinking skills.

In a study published online yesterday in JAMA Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins researchers found that declines in thinking skills happened faster during a six-year period among people with hearing loss than among those without it. Among the nearly 2,000 volunteers, all over age 70, those with hearing loss we also likely to develop “cognitive impairment,” defined as a substantial reduction in the score on a key test called the Modified Mini-Mental State Examination. The researchers estimated that it would take a hearing-impaired older adult just under eight years, on average, to develop cognitive impairment compared with 11 years for those with normal hearing.

This isn’t the first time that researchers have explored possible connections between hearing loss and brain function. Some saw what the Hopkins team saw, while others found no connection between hearing loss and thinking skills. The strengths of this study compared to earlier ones are:

•   It included older people who had normal tests for memory and thinking at the start.

•   All volunteers had standardized hearing tests performed by professionals.

•   The same methods for testing hearing and brain function were used throughout the study.

  • These studies are kind of scary stuff for people with hearing loss and tinnitus!

Who could have imagined as we were happily listening to our music at full blast, or simply cruising the highways on our motorcycles that we could be at risk of being virtually deaf, experiencing a constant ringing in our ears AND suffering from decline in our mental abilities. After all we were simply doing things we loved doing!

As Crosby Stills and Nash sang, “Teach your children” – we didn’t know the dangers, now we do.

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 Harvard Medical School
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