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A Random Ringing in Ears – This Could Be Tinnitus?

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On February 8, 2013 Under Ringing In Ears

It is possible to that you may experienced a random ringing in ears after you have spent a night at a noisy club, or maybe your local pub was having a karaoke night, or you attended a live concert.


In this case you probably do not have tinnitus unless the ringing in the ears persists beyond a couple of days. If the noises do continue for more than a few days, the it is highly likely that you have got some hearing loss in the higher frequencies.
  • Watch the video below now
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Random High Pitch Noise In Ear

We routinely think of tinnitus as a ringing in the ears. But that’s not exactly an accurate description. For many people it does, indeed, show up as a high-pitched ringing in the ears.
But surprisingly, not all individuals describe the sound as a ringing of the ears. The range of different sounds spread from roaring, clicking, hissing and whistling to sounds that resembling human voices (Yes! Human voices). The ringing sounds, though, are by far the most common. But even here the variations seem endless. People have reported ringing covering an entire range from a classic telephone’s shrill ring to bell-like sounds. Other people report the noise is much closer to sounding like a hissing sound. High pitched, the sound is most often described as steam coming from a teapot.”


As you may have learned from the video and the content of this article, loud noise is your enemy and you must avoid exposing yourself to loud noises at all costs.


Consider investing in a set of earplugs and use them when going out, this will prevent the random ringing in ears from become permanent.

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