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  • tinnitus from noise damage
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  • tinnitus from allergies or sinus
  • tinnitus from meniere's disease

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Are You Seeking Natural Cures for Tinnitus?

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On February 18, 2013 Under Tinnitus

There is no doubt that it is best to be on the lookout for natural cures for tinnitus because of the fact that so many conventional drugs actually list tinnitus as a side effect and most definitely many individuals suffering with tinnitus find these prescription drugs cause either an aggravation to their tinnitus or even other side effects.

We need to treat our bodies with the respect that they deserve and we all know how important a good diet is and in order to play our part we have to be extremely careful of what we put into our bodies.

Watch this video below for more information.

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As can be seen from watching the video, there is a lot of merit in following a holistic approach to relieving tinnitus. This is certainly the path that is almost guaranteed to bring you some relief, without any unwanted side effects.


“I recommend trying ginkgo, two tablets of standardized extract three times a day with meals. Ginkgo may help by increasing blood circulation in the head and neck. Give it at least a two months trial.

My colleague, naturopathic physician Judy Hutt, NMD sends her patients to an osteopathic physician experienced in craniosacral therapy, a gently manipulative technique for the bones in the head. She says this seems to take the pressure off the auditory nerves. She also has found that reducing blood pressure via weight loss can help.

Dr Weil


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It is obviously always a good idea to take the right approach, protect the body and to use alternative or natural cures for tinnitus. You will find exactly that by clicking on the red button above.