Learn more about the 4 main causes of tinnitus

  • tinnitus from noise damage
  • tinnitus from trauma or stress
  • tinnitus from allergies or sinus
  • tinnitus from meniere's disease

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Managing Tinnitus

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On March 11, 2013 Under Tinnitus

It Is Important To Learn To Manage Your Tinnitus Correctly

One of the most important things new tinnitus patients need to learn is to manage tinnitus correctly.  It is not a disease, it is not life threatening, it can be controlled to such an extent that it no longer bothers you!

  • You need to learn all there is to know about tinnitus.
  • Only then will you be able to escape from the ill health, insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety that it will cause if you do not do anything about it!

It can hiss, buzz, hum or whoosh through the ears. Tinnitus ringing is an auditory annoyance for some, but debilitating for others.
“Oftentimes, we see people who are contemplating suicide because of it,” said Aaron Bilovekcy, director of audiology at Southwest Florida Tinnitus and Hearing Center in Estero.

An estimated one in five people suffer from tinnitus, a symptom of hearing loss, ear injury or a circulatory disorder, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Richard Shovak, 63, a part-time Bonita resident, attributes his tinnitus to his days as a cop in Connecticut, when most on the force fired their weapons sans earplugs.

For years, Shovak didn’t know the buzzing he heard — which bothers him most in quiet settings — wasn’t normal.
“You think everybody hears it,” he said.

Shovak was one of more than 30 guests who attended a recent tinnitus seminar at Perkins Restaurant in Bonita, hosted by John Hoglund, who owns the Southwest Florida Tinnitus and Hearing Center and Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Center in Bonita with his wife, Patricia.
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