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What T-Gone tinnitus product would you recommend?

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On March 1, 2009 Under Meniere's Disease

Hello John

Thanks for the reply.

A few questions / comments:

1) I have sent an e-mail to Ellen, which I saw she read – but no reply to date.

2) I do not spend any time in clubs.

3) I do not work in a factory or environment with loud noise.

4) No vehicle accident with air bags involved.

5) I could only think of ONE incident, which I described in my initial e-mail. When air from a hair dryer was accidentally blown full into my left ear. And I coud feel the air “penetrated” my ear – not just blowing “externally” on my ear. This is the only “physical” thing I can think of.

6) The ENT specialist reckon it was Meniere’s (because I had Menieres 7 years ago). During Sept 2008 when the ear got “blocked”, I did not have any flu or cold symptoms and definatley not any Meniere’s symptoms. I therefore doubt in my personal opinion the ENT opinion that it was Meniere’s.

7) Final and ultimate question : “What T-Gone product would you then recommend?“. The one for Meniere’s or the one for Noise Damage?

In your words “hang in there”. But I want to try something to cure the tinitus.

Thanks again.


Hello Johan,

Ellen is actually inundated at present as a result of us moving house. In fact as I write this we are in South Africa with my daughter

It’s been hectic but we will be back on track next week!

The tinnitus you are experiencing is very likely to be caused from the initial attack of Meniere’s disease 7 years ago. Whenever you experience a bout of Meniere’s, much damage is done to the sensitive inner ear organs with some high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus often a result.

This is why we actually have the two remedies to treat meniere’s disease. One to treat the vertigo and nausea and the other to treat the damage to the delicate inner ear organs.

This is in fact our very popular Type 4 Cochlea Damage Tinnitus Remedy.

So to answer your final question, you should order the Type 4 Cochlea Damage Tinnitus Remedy as you do not seem to be bothered with the Meniere’s disease symptoms.

Kind regards,

John Currie