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Sudden Ringing in Ears

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On May 3, 2009 Under Ringing In Ears

It can be frightening to just experience a sudden ringing in ears just out of the blue. You may wonder why it occurs in the first place. There are a lot of factors that must be considered. Are you in an elevated place or are you inside a descending plane? Did you just dive into the deep waters? Have you been to a loud concert? These are just some of the several factors that you need to consider.

If you hate to see yourself being in a situation where you will just hear a sudden ringing in ears, you may want to know what things you must not do:

· Never put anything inside your ears to clean it

Whether you try to use an ear scraper, q-tips, hairpins, tissue or even your finger, you are not doing your ears any good. We do feel our ears get dirty at times and we feel the urge to clean it. However, our ears have the ability to clean itself by allowing the earwax to move out as a way of protecting the eardrums. Any act of digging in the ear canal will only push back the cerumen causing it to block the ear canal and even place the ear drums in danger of being punctured.

· Never expose your ears to loud noise

Whether the source of noise is loud music or explosives, both are equally damaging to the ears. Anything that is loud can be damaging to the very sensitive nerve endings in your cochlea. Constant exposure to loud noise or music can slowly damage your cochlea and cause temporary to permanent hearing loss. In fact, a single exposure to a really loud noise like that of a gunshot or explosive can potentially bring irreversible hearing damage.

· Do not eat anything that you want

Contrary to what most of us believe that since it is a condition in the ear, our diet or the food that we eat does contribute to the ringing in our ears. Foods that are high in cholesterol and salt, and containing caffeine, must be avoided to help minimize the frequency and intensity of the ear ringing for those who have a problem with tinnitus.

· Never delay a consultation with a specialist

Since we know that it is just a condition affecting the ears and nothing serious, we need to know that there are also some serious health complications which may arise when a symptom of a ringing in the ears is disregarded.

Sudden ringing in ears is not a pleasant experience. You do not need to feel the agony of having to bear with the noise all day if you do the right things at the right time.