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Cicada Sounds in Ears: What Many Tinnitus Sufferers Hear

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On August 1, 2009 Under Ringing In Ears

Do you have a hard time describing the tinnitus sounds that you hear? It can be very difficult trying to come up with the words to describe these sounds making this a common problem among tinnitus sufferers. After all, to simply say you hear a ringing or buzzing doesn’t really describe these sounds very well. Many tinnitus sufferers hear sounds that are very much like the ones made by the Cicada.

The Cicadas is a small singing insect that averages between one and two inches in length. The word Cicadas is part of the German language that means “singing Insect”. They have extremely large eyes that are located on the sides of their head. The noise they create comes from the short antennae that protrude from the eyes and membranous wings.

They have the ability to change the sounds they make by wiggling the abdominal part of their bodies forward and they have a lifespan that last up to about twenty years. One thing that is so amazing about these insects is the fact that they can make noises that range over 100 decibels! That’s simply amazing for such a small creature. Since the sounds made by the Cicada insects are very similar to the sounds heard by many tinnitus sufferers, it’s an excellent choice for masking the sounds of tinnitus.

Using these sounds can help drown out the annoying ones so you can relax or even concentrate better. When you have tinnitus, it can make everything much more difficult. Even simple everyday task can be a challenge. Even though tinnitus does not cause hearing loss it can make it difficult for you to hear the people around you because the Cicada sounds in your ears can interfere with your hearing. It can even interfere with watching movies or listening to your favorite artist.

Many people find it difficult to fall asleep, which increases the amount of stress and anxiety they feel. If you’re having trouble sleeping, listening to a recording of the sounds made by the Cicada insect may help you fall asleep faster so you can get the rest that you need. Be sure to start with the lowest volume possible to avoid doing more damage to your ears.

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Has Tinnitus

November 26, 2010

Well how very interesting. “Using these sounds can help drown out the annoying ones so you can relax or even concentrate better.” That is crap.
The sounds of Cicadas drive me crazy, it makes my tinnitus worse. The sound of a fan makes it worse too. Whoever wrote this knows nothing about tinnitus and whoever thinks it can be helped with pills or noise machines is a silly twit.