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Dangers Of Very Loud Music

[imwb_socialbuzz] By John On November 29, 2012 Under Tinnitus Treatment

Listening To LOUD Music Can Be Dangerous!

Despite the fact that the dangers are well reporeted, many people simply ignore the dangers of listening to music at very high levels! If you put have been subjected to high levels of noise even for relatively short periods you are probably suffering from high frequency hearing loss to some degree!

  • If you listen to music on an MP3 player or your smart phone, the chances are good that you listen to your music with the sound turned way up.
  • Even more scary is the fact that your children definitely have that volume turned up…
  • We all did it and many of us still do!
  • Music just seems better when it is played LOUD!
  • But there are some very REAL DANGERS which most people are unaware of…
  • Watch the short video below and please share this information with as many people as you can!

[imaioVideo v=1]

  •  If you continue to frequent loud concerts, pubs and clubs without using some form of ear protection, you will almost certainly end up with tinnitus!
  • The email I received from Grant below is a case in point!

Hi John,

I have been suffering from Tinnitus now for around a year now. I am 28 years old and it is noise induced damage. Unfortunately for me I had always believed that the only damage you could cause your ears was the reduction of sensitivity to sound waves. By that I mean that gradually (Or quickly with loud music) your ability to hear would diminish, and the world would just get quieter.

I also believed that Tinnitus was just a disease, that you couldn’t catch but could contract, like MS for example. Well Sony amplifiers, subs and components, my love for music of all kinds and having it so loud it would make pictures on peoples walls vibrate as I drove by, is left me with a savage case of noise induced Tinnitus. It almost took me over. The ringing is so loud, I can literally feel it in my ear canal.

I just wish I knew the warning signs. It started when I could hear TV’s and CRT screens when they were on. I looked forward to LCD technology as I could not hear them squealing, yet now everything screams and squeals.

The world has become so loud, and the only silence I get is when I’m asleep.

I can even hear it in the shower it is that loud, and there were NO WARNINGS of this anywhere, from anyone.

I used to look at the smokers that sued the tobacco industries as – what could you expect idiots of course if you smoke you’ll get cancer!
Well, I take it all back, and wish I had known listening to loud music would do this to me. I’m such an idiot!.

I have ordered your Extra Strength Cochlear damage, and I’m not hoping for a miracle, even just the slightest relief will be totally unexpected, and I’ll let you know.

Grant L
New Zealand

“Playing music at high volume and using earphones that fit in the ear canal could lead to loss of hearing, a UK health reports express.co.uk.

Professor Peter Rabinowitz, from Yale University School of Medicine said: Some players generated volumes in the ear higher than 120 decibels – similar in intensity to a jet engine. During the research Rabinowitz also found that the leading cause of preventable hearing loss was exposure to excessive sound levels. Traditionally, noise-induced hearing loss was a disease of adults who worked in noisy occupations or used firearms, said Rabinowitz.

However, concern is growing that children and young adults are developing noise-induced hearing loss as a result of over-exposure to amplified music, especially through the use of personal music devices such as MP3 players, he added.”

Dunya News TV

“There is low quality evidence that legislation can reduce noise levels in workplaces.The effectiveness of hearing protection devices depends on their proper use. There is contradictory evidence that HLPPs are effective in the long-term. Even though case studies show that substantial reductions can be achieved, there is no evidence that this is realised in practice. Better implementation and reinforcement is needed.Better evaluations of technical interventions and long-term effects are needed. Audiometric and noise measurement data are potentially valuable for such studies.”


It is an uphill battle but I would encourage everyone who has children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to advise them of the dangers of playing their music too loud. I fear that in a just a few years time half the population will be suffering from tinnitus caused from exposure to loud noise.

The sad thing about it all is that it can easily be prevented, if only the children are aware of these hidden dangers!

John   Currie

  • P.S. Please share this important information with anyone you know that has young children. The best way of doing the is to hit the Facebook LIKE button on this page. That way you will share this with your Facebook friends.
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 Yale University

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Tinnitus Formula

August 31, 2009

It is unfortunate that most folks only find out about the dangers of exposure to loud noises when one simply has a love for loud music, or used listen to very loud music.

Please be sure to protect yourself from future ecposure to loud noise and be sure to carry ear plugs with you when you travel or expect to find yourself in a situation where you could possible be exposed to loud music.


March 8, 2011

Another great blog thanks i have passed this on and shared on my facebook, keep the great blogs coming and good work up