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Tinnitus from auditory nerve damage.

The most difficult form of tinnitus to treat is when the auditory nerve has been injured.

We are least successful with this form of tinnitus and we are at great pains to emphasize the fact that the prognosis is not good for any meaningful reduction in the level of noise.

What tinnitus noises are experienced with auditory nerve damage tinnitus?

The predominant sounds associated with tinnitus from auditory nerve damage are:

  • high pitched ringing bells
  • whistling
  • roaring
  • buzzing

People very often confuse auditory nerve damage with outer or middle ear damage such as damage to the the ear drum.

If you have suffered damage to the ear drum or have cochlea damage from exposure to loud noises, this does not mean you have auditory nerve damage.

Damage to the auditory nerve is mainly caused by some form of physical trauma or surgery and is not caused by exposure to noise.

Other tinnitus symptoms

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